"We could all take a page out of Cam's Playbook"
Cam Cameron told the New York Post that his firing by the Ravens was a "brilliant move" because it made everyone on that team take a look in the mirror.   He also said he holds no ill-will towards Baltimore and has been rooting for 'em during the post-season.

How cool!  It was a brilliant move.  He's right.  The team improved and now is heading to the Super Bowl.  And, more importantly, he doesn't blame them for doing what they had to do to improve.  That is remarkably refreshing.

Its much more common for people to place blame on someone else for their own shortcomings.  We tend to want to find a scapegoat even when we are the initial sacrificial lamb for the greater good.  We have a tendency not to look at the whole picture but instead make the center of the universe ourselves.   Football is a team sport, and the older I get the more I realize that life is a team sport as well.  

Nothing in our lives gets done without the help of others.  Sure, we can steer our own destiny- but we never achieve without the help of family, friends, co-workers or even perfect strangers.  We've all blamed people for our personal set backs.  In a way, its a defense mechanism.  Nobody wants to think that they're not quite the fit or that their performance is sub-par.    If we all took a page out of Cam Cameron's playbook I think we'll see that it doesn't always matter who is at fault but rather does the end justify the means.  Does it help the greater good?  Does it eventually make us a better person?

When adversity hits us we have really only a couple  ways to look at it.   Blame and anger or opportunity and a new door opening.   Thanks to Cam- I'm going to try to remember the latter.

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