Congratulations Banana Joe.  You're the Top Dog!  The Prefect of Pooches!  The King Canine!   Winning the Westminster Kennel Club's big what-for as best in show is no small feat especially for a dog with, well, small feet (paws).  

As the Monsignor of Muttleys your job is simple.  Represent all of Houndsville with grace and humility and don't pee or poop on the carpet.

What's great about this affenpinscher's win is that his cuteness is only exceeded  by his, uh, more cuteness.  This top-bop of bow wows was a perennial second banana until last night having placed the last two years in the Toy category.   But this year he finally did it-  winning it all under the bright lights of Manhattan.   Now, Banana Joe is indeed the top fruit of his collective species.    He's the Premier Pup of the Land!  Forever featured in Fido-dom.  The tiny tail-wagger  who could.  The Supreme Four Pawed Emperor of both flea-bag mongrels, curs and papered aristocratic pure-breeds.   He's the doggone squat that goes with the diddly.

Let's just hope that in 10 years there aren't allegations that this hallowed hound used PED's....   Dogs don't know its not bacon.

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