We're just a couple days away from the biggest football game of the year...if not the last dozen years.   Its bigger because expectations are bigger.  The Ravens lost the last two championships they've been in AND its the last one for Ray Lewis- arguably the heart and soul of this team.

This town is about to spew its anxiety and anticipation all 

What if? is a loaded question.   If they win- the pride that exudes from the collective body of Baltimore will only be matched by the per capita usage of Old Bay during the summer.   If they don't- may I suggest buying stock in large-pharma because the usage of anti-depressants in Maryland will quadruple overnight.

There'll be denial at first.  Then anger.  Lotsa anger.  Not necessarily at the team but more so at everyone around us because that's what we do when we get pissed.  We all tend to take it out on those who are closest to us.  In this case- it won't be closeness as in family and friends but more like proximity closeness.

No pressure on the team (not that they're reading my meandering)... However, if the Ravens don't make it to the big crawdad boil in New Orleans this city will turn from Charm City to F-U City overnight.

And that would suck out loud.
Not too long ago I started to write blogs on the bay's facebook page.  It was so much fun I decided to branch out...and so, here ya go.  My own page in the world wide blogosphere.  

The first question is, of course, why are you here?  I dunno either- but thank you.  I promise over the coming articles to try to entertain, incite, provoke and hopefully make you laugh.  If I don't succeed- remember, the Buffalo Bills didn't either in four straight Super Bowls,  but people still like them.

In the meantime- feel free to connect with me and share with me your ideas for future meanderings. 
The pen is mightier than the sword-  and in my case, the keyboard is mightier than a pen-knife.

    Mike Ondayko

    Mike has been a Baltimore radio staple since 1995.   He can be heard weekday afternoons on Baltimore's Classic Rock Station:  100.7 The Bay.

    His meanderings are just that... a meandering.  Just thoughts scattered on the interwebs designed to entertain, incite and provoke.  Or.... perhaps divert for a moment or two.