As the 57th Inauguration of an American has taken got me meandering.   We celebrate this peaceful transition of power every four years. essence we do it yearly, via the NFL.  We have the primaries where teams from the two respective parties (conferences) run and pass against each other.  Each year we narrow it down to two who then run and pass at each other on election day (the Super Bowl).  Then- the crown (Lombardi Trophy)  is passed, peacefully to a new champion of the greatest sport on earth and a city and region gets to rule with a title for a year.

This year- after the Ravens and 49er's play to determine the winner in New Orleans- either Baltimore or San Francisco will be the champion city.  Two nations- Niner Nation and Raven Nation will dress in their respective colors, fly their flags and debate endlessly about who is better.   Two coaches- brothers-  will head their administrations. (kinda like Europe- only without the inbreeding).   But, in the end- no "war" will break out between the two towns.  No coup de tat to overthrow the respective gladiators.   No puppet regime will be controlled by other legendary NFL powerhouses.   And, even though "America's team" is not in the big game- we'll all acknowledge and accept whoever wins fairly and squarely.

Pretty cool stuff.    And in 8 months it will all start again- peacefully.   We live in an absolutely great country.

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    Mike Ondayko

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