Not too long ago I started to write blogs on the bay's facebook page.  It was so much fun I decided to branch out...and so, here ya go.  My own page in the world wide blogosphere.  

The first question is, of course, why are you here?  I dunno either- but thank you.  I promise over the coming articles to try to entertain, incite, provoke and hopefully make you laugh.  If I don't succeed- remember, the Buffalo Bills didn't either in four straight Super Bowls,  but people still like them.

In the meantime- feel free to connect with me and share with me your ideas for future meanderings. 
The pen is mightier than the sword-  and in my case, the keyboard is mightier than a pen-knife.

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    Mike Ondayko

    Mike has been a Baltimore radio staple since 1995.   He can be heard weekday afternoons on Baltimore's Classic Rock Station:  100.7 The Bay.

    His meanderings are just that... a meandering.  Just thoughts scattered on the interwebs designed to entertain, incite and provoke.  Or.... perhaps divert for a moment or two.